On the Farm

On the Farm

Friday, September 3, 2010


Well, I’ve never been so happy to say that today it’s under 70 degrees this morning. The storm clouds are comin’ in and Momma just opened the windows and the breeze is flowing through the screen door! It’s definitely been a very hot summer; and two years ago I would have been so excited to run around in my bathing suit just to make sure I didn’t get any tank top tan lines. The summers around here we almost live in our swimsuits, but this summer was almost as hard as the last. Last summer, Noa had just been born, and of course I was never afraid to take her out in the heat. What I was afraid of was the 18 bags that had to follow us everywhere we go. And for this summer, Noa decided she would wait until the last month of the summer to walk. What that meant for the Potts house was a repeat of last year. Who would have ever thought that when she decided to walk, a whole new door would open for us. Now that she’s walking, we no longer have to worry about her not moving off the blanket on the sand bar, or refusal to roam 6 inches from Mom when she’s trying to get something done. Who also would have known that in deciding to walk, that our 18 bags would finally be combined into ONE BAG!!! WHOOHOOO!!!! Now the Biscuit is running around like crazy, which also means plenty of bumps and bruises along the way. She has been walking for about 3 weeks now and we’ve definitely had our share. This includes one fall into the stone fireplace, one running head dive into the coffee table, one standing slide off Mom’s leg onto a picture frame, all wrapped up into one call to the emergency room and two cuts on her face! Everyone tells me that plenty more falls are in store but I really don’t think Momma can emotional handle anymore little bruises! Noa has had so much fun since she started walking. My house has become a war zone for her hands-on learning; which definitely doesn’t coincide with Momma trying to keep the house clean. This month has been so great! With her walking now makes going to place, like the DQ St. Fair so much fun! She loved going to the fair this year and enjoyed all the animals! She didn’t like the goats at the petting zoo, but would rather have watched all the show cattle! She loved them!!! So yesterday we went to the Zeigler Homecoming, and of course Noa had a great time! She loved the parade, even the loud noises!! She was of course adorable all day and has so much fun walking around! She also got to see her Great Aunt Toni and Great Uncle Richard! We always love when they come into town from Michigan!! So also got the see Baby Sylvie!!!....daughter of my dearest hs friend Alli and her husband! Of course Noa was more interested in their adorable dog than the baby! AND KUDOS TO ALLI, she has been successful at BFing Sylvie and everything is going great! WE MOMMIES ALWAYS LOVE IT WHEN BFING IS SUCCESSFUL!!! Many of you know that my birthday is in August….and this year the family and hubby definitely outdid themselves! Mom, Dad and Amber got me a large picture that was taken when Noa was 2 months old laying in her Daddy’s hands. Colby got me a Brazilian Blowout (after pic below). It’s so wonderful not having to flatiron my hair every day and I can even let me hair air dry if I want to. The only downside of course is that it will only last about 10 weeks. So moving on, enough about the hair! But speaking of hair, when I get a wild one and always want to cook something new and exciting, I always look to new ideas on the internet from my fellow Momma’s!!! Of course one of my absolute favorite women in THE PIONEER WOMAN….which is my new Paula Deen! The woman is amazing! Not only does she cook but she also a self-taught Photoshopper! She even posts her PS tutorials on her site, which by the way is the #1 way I have learned new PSing tricks!!! I’m sure that if you look through my pics you will actually a steady increase in PSing quality! Now I’ve even been inspired to purchase an actual pro grade camera….but to start, one on the lower end, and then work my way up to a higher quality once I get back to work! WOW….I started on one path and I completely sidestepped to photography! Back to my original idea….. So I always get some good ideas from the internet but when I actually get in the kitchen I find myself completely remaking the recipe to fit ‘our likes’!! In fact, the only recipe that I ever been able to follow throughout to a ‘T’ of the original is that of my Mom’s and her Mom’s (my always cookin’ Grandma!). So I’ve decided that I should include recipes on my site, as well as some pics of my hairbows that I make for the Biscuit and my friends daughters! So more of that to follow soon!

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