On the Farm

On the Farm

Thursday, June 10, 2010


And apparently we are just going to skip spring....or at least that's what it looks like if you look at the time from the last blog. No, we didn't skip it, but we've been so busy that we've forgotten to update our blog. And we promise we will do better in the future!

But for now.....

So much has happened in the last six months from the previous....and so many new pics too!!! But for now, I'll just upload the lastest from on the river!

So here's what happened since! Noa finally started crawling at 9 1/2 months, and in the last couple of days, running with her walker as well as climbing on EVERYTHING from the stairs to the fireplace! Not to mention she loves climbing and standing up on her rocking chair! She's even starting to say a few words. Of course she's been saying Dadda for a few months now but her new ones are 'Duck', 'Max' (of course the x is funny), 'Bella', 'Nana' and of course 'Momma' (which melts my heart!!). Her first river trip was two weekends ago and it didn't take her long to become Daddy's First Mate....she even stands at the front of the boat and dances as he's driving!!! SHE'S A NATURAL!!!!

Of course Nan, Pop, Meemaw and everyone else is spending so much time with Noa and having so much fun with her as she grows!!

On Mother's Day the family took pics to celebrate Nana and how happy our family is together!!!....They turned out great and I will post them in a 'new' blog post following! Until then, some new pics of Noa from the last couple of months! I'm hoping to finish the album that goes with the blog in the next month or two!!

And of course a new blog will go up in the next couple of weeks because Momma, Daddy, Nan and Pop are taking our BISCUIT TO FLORIDA!!!! We leave tomorrow and are sooooo excited to get our little beauty out on the beach!!!!