On the Farm

On the Farm

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Holidays....

Thanksgiving came and went without a hitch! We hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at the Potts Farm with a small gathering of The Lee Grandparents, Meemaw Sandy, Jim, Sister/Aunt Amber, Aunt Crystal, Uncle Kenny and adorable Cousin Ella! What a wonderful day, and even more wonderful was not only did that mean that Noa's first Christmas was vastly approaching, but also now our little angel is sitting up on her own (something that Dr. Bruce would later tell us was something she is doing way ahead of schedule!)! I just couldn't wait and of course had the Christmas tree up 2 weeks before Thanksgiving!

Time to get gift ideas together and for Meemaw Sandy we had the best! We had family pictures taken a couple Sunday's before Christmas with Aunt Crystal, Uncle Kenny and Cousin Ella. They turned out great! Ella and Noa were so adorable!! Off to get the rest of the gifts for everyone and then the long wait for Christmas (even if it was only a couple of weeks away!)

As a child, I remember how wonderful and magical Christmas morning was!!! Every toy was so exciting and it was so wonderful to spend those holidays with my family and extended family! Since becoming an adult I'd be lying if I said that Christmas held that same magic it did in those early years. Of course Christmas was still wonderful but you no longer anxiously await the morning in the same way! You know longer wonder how Santa's going to get in the house when you don't have a chimney to drop off all those treasures, or in the morning run to the place where you left the cookies and milk to see that Santa (or Dad) had finished them off sometime in the night! But this year would be different....this year held the magic that we have waited for since our early years...for it was our BABY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS! Okay, so she would only be 6 months and would love the wrapping paper just as much as her gifts, but we were so excited to watch her open every single gift!!! I don't have to tell any parent out there about the joys of Christmas when you have a little one! We finally realized the feeling that parents get in watching their infants open gifts even if it takes 10 minutes per gift!!! And boy did she get gifts!! I can't even begin to tell of the things to got from everyone...she got everything!!!

It was so wonderful spending her first Christmas with her and the family!! She is so blessed to have such wonderful Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins that want to give her the world!!

But now that the holidays are over, it's back to real life again, but there's always the waiting for next Christmas!! On to the New Year. Noa spent the New Year with Meemaw and Jim while Mom and Dad enjoyed dinner and drinks with friends at Morello's....a good time was had by all!