On the Farm

On the Farm

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Noa got her ear's pierced today!!

Okay, so it wasn't as bad as it looks....and it definitely wasn't as bad as Daddy had anticipated! In fact, the entire day turned out to be a great one....but then again, pretty much everyday is that anyway! Colby received the go-ahead from his doctor since his gallbladder was removed the week before, then next it was a little shopping, stopping to get a bite to eat...and then finally off to get Miss Things ears pierced!!! Mom was sooooo excited!!! I assured Dad that it would only sting for a couple of seconds and then she would be just fine! Plus, it was definitely better to get it done this early instead of when she was 2 or 3....then the waterworks definitely would have been working in overtime! The original video was much longer than this, but Noa did great! In fact, by the time Daddy had turned off the camera and walked to pay, she had stopped crying! I thought that the day after they may be a little sore but she hasn't bothered with them a bit, and it doesn't even phase her to touch them!!! Needless to say, she looks adorable! Now, off to a birthday party for her buddy Kase this weekend, then Mom and Dad are going to a get together for the evening!!....Noa can't wait to stay with Nan and Papa!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The first 3 months....

Well, we made it through the first 3 months!! So much has happened in our lives in just the last year alone, and we can't believe our baby girl is 3 months old already!!! So sweet and adorable, she has so much life and so much fire in her already!! I'd like to say that she takes after her father, but we all know who's the more stubborn of us both!!

It seems that she's changing everyday, and there's always something new! We swear that she didn't stop crying at all last week, and we weren't sure if she's already teething, or if her tummy is just upsetting her! Her new thing is crying when she's tired, and it seems the only way to get her to stop is to lay her in her crib!! No Rocking for Miss Thing...no way!!!! She wants to be left alone to rest!! We are happy that she's now taking real naps as opposed to catnapping! She's been sleeping through the night for about 2 months now also!!! She loves to sit on the front porch swing, her bumbo....and I hate to say it but she also loves to look at the tv!....I'm only praying it's the lights from it that she loves, but just in case I put it on Fox News to get her started early! hehe!!!

Everyone just can't get enough of her!! Nan and Papa have to see her at least once a week (since we are an hour away)....and Aunt Amber just loves her!! MeeMaw is such a help being right down the road and we can't wait for Aunt Crystal and Uncle Kenny to see her soon!! And we definitely can't forget Cousin Ella, who just loves her baby Cousin Noa!!!
Tomorrow is a big day for our little one, she's getting her ears pierced. Then off to her very 1st birthday party invite on Saturday and her Christening on October 11th!

We are so blessed and only hope that God keeps blessing us!!!