On the Farm

On the Farm

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthdays, Parades and Fireworks!!

Wow....how time flies! We can't believe how much our baby is growing, and how cool it's already getting! And what better way to bring in Fall than with hayrides, parades and fireworks. First up last Saturday Noa went to her very 1st birthday party, her buddy Kase turned 1! It was such a gorgeous day and everyone had such a wonderful time! Also there were Noa's buddies that will be her classmates, Bryden, Regan, Birthday boy Kase, and also Dalton who's just about 7 weeks old! It's so amazing to see how in the first year along how quickly they grow. Dalton slept the whole time, like newborns do, Noa fought taking naps and was very alert, while just a few months older Bryden and Regan played with little toys. Big boy Kase hit the jackpot in toys as well!! After the party Nan and Papa came down to babysit little Noa while Mom and Dad went to Brian and Shelly's for a gathering of friends, adult beverages and a nice long hayride! We had such a great time! Even better, Nan and Pop got up with Noa that morning so Mom and Dad could sleep in.....WOOHOO!!! And boy did we!!!

Sister Amber came up to visit Noa on Sunday as well....and they went a little camera happy showing off some Big Blue spirit for Daddy's team!! Everyone can't believe how much she's growing, and how happy and talkative she is!

Finally the weekend was here again!! MeeMaw came home from her vacation in Florida and brought Noa some cute gifts, a puppet frog and a couple of onesies! Saturday Noa, Daddy and Mom went into town for the Flourspar Parade and then up to MeeMaw's for fireworks. Noa got to see her Aunt Crystal and Cousin Ella, who always loves to dance and entertain her! Aunt Crystal couldn't get enough of her!! Noa's normally been going to bed on her own around 7 or 8 so I was sure it would probably be a good thing being the fireworks would scare her. Well she's already proving her Mom wrong and sat with Daddy and watched the fireworks....he said she didn't even jump at the really loud ones! And what a late night for her....she finally conked out after 10! We had a blast!! We did miss Nan and Papa, who weren't able to make it because they were sick!! : ( And now, it's the start of a new week....and already we have a busy one planned, and an even busier weekend ahead. Saturday the Lee family (and one Potts') will be playing in a bocce tourney to benefit Breast Cancer, then off to Krista and Anthony's wedding and then Sunday our little angel will be Christened!!!....and then hopefully we will get lucky and the Card's will get to go to the Division Series evening game that Mom and Dad can sneak away too!!!