On the Farm

On the Farm

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If you weren't giving it....then why did you ask so many darn questions about it! (The anniversary gift)

WOW……Two years!!!! We’ve actually been together for a total of 3 years but married for 2!!! I never thought it was possible but we are the couple that everyone hates! 1)We don’t fight and 2) We literally live every day for each other and for our daughter! We have our priorities straight when it comes to how we want to live our lives and raise our children!! We are completely in sync; and I must say that if the biggest thing we fight about is the crumbs he leaves on the table after he eats, or the same spot he throws his undies when getting in the shower, then we are doing pretty good! Yeah, yeah, I know what some couples are thinking, “Just wait till you get some more years under your belt, you’ll hate each other.”…..well, I guess only time will tell, but for the time being, we are sure having fun spending every minute together!!!!


So I’m sure that this anniversary will be as great as every single gift giving occasion……but of course, I refer to those occasions pre-Biscuit! Now that we have the Biscuit and have made staying home with her #1 priority, the gifts tend to be random…..But what is consistent is that in myself staying home with her with no career right now, the gifts Colb receives are limited to Birthday and Christmas. Not much has changed in the gift giving department for me however; in fact, he always seems to outdo himself as time passes. FOR MOTHER’S DAY THIS YEAR…..LASIK….WOW!!!! Now I must say that I begged for it, with my new found eye allergies since moving to Hardin County. In all seriousness he is no longer obligated to buy me a gift for any occasion for the next 10 years….said so by me. Lasik is HUGE….and extremely costly, especially for people like me that could probably pass for legally blind!

Well, of course my gift for my birthday a couple of months later was a Brazilian Blowout. He did a fantastic job of getting it considering I had only mentioned it to him maybe once or twice. The result pic is in the WELCOME FALL posting.

So here comes our anniversary, and to be quite honest, we have been especially been busy the past few weeks so I definitely didn’t expect anything. Not to mention the fact that the man had just bought me Lasik 3 months ago and I didn’t’ have the money to get him anything in return.

So we go to dinner and are having a nice typical conversation. All of a sudden he asks ‘So how much money do you have in your Camera fund’ (many of you know that I started a camera fund about a month ago to buy my very first Canon Rebel)….Well, since he asked I informed him that I had $280, but unfortunately had to use $180 of it, which by the way was my birthday money, to put gas in my car, go to Wal-Mart like 8 times as well as any spending money at two fairs and a couple of fun girl swim days. Now, not complaining, but I really don’t think birthday money should be used on gas or Wal-Mart, but that was the only money I had. I figured that when he heard this he would replace some it. But in all honesty, the truth is that he gives me money anytime I need it. So really, what’s birthday money anyway?

But this wasn’t just birthday money…..THIS WAS MY CAMERA FUND!!!!! So now I’m back down to $100 for my fund, which means I was just that much farther away from meeting my goal for purchasing the camera by Thanksgiving.
Okay, no back to my story again……

So he asked me about the camera fund, and then proceeded to ask even more questions, like ‘How much is the camera you want’, etc. Let me tell you, we talked about the camera for about 15 minutes, and even though I was doing most of the talking, he sure was asking a lot of camera questions. Why all of these questions all of a sudden about a camera that he never cared about before. In fact, every time I mentioned the words CANON REBEL, he would roll his eyes and remind me of the camera he got me for a wedding gift???? I’ll tell you why…..of course!!!!.....he was going to buy the camera for us tonight as an anniversary gift!!! That’s why he kept talking about it!!!! In my head I kept trying to tell myself not to smile on the outside…..but secretly on the inside I was practicing my surprise reaction for when he said we were buying it!!!! I already thought up the shots I would be taking the next day of Noa on top of the bales of hay in the field! But for now, I was just going to enjoy my yummy shrimp!!!

So we left the restaurant, and of course he was making excuses to get me to Wal-Mart….he kept asking me ‘Are you sure you don’t need anything from Wal-Mart?’…..and then he found an excuse to run to Sam’s to look for something…..I knew what he was doing. So Sam’s was closed, but not Best Buy….so we pulled up and he said ‘Let’s go inside and you can tell me all about this camera’….I KNEW IT!!! Of course Best Buy would be much more expensive and he would have to take me to Wal-Mart in the end to buy it, but I just knew the camera was mine!

So we went in and I showed him the camera, which by the way was $50 more at Best Buy than Wal-Mart….right across the street….but I showed him, along with the huge lens that I would eventually ask for the next Mother’s Day, Birthday or Christmas. So we walked around the store, and just as we were leaving to go to Wal-Mart to purchase the camera he turned to me and said …….‘Honey, you know that if I had over $500 I’d buy you that camera in a second.’

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! But of course I smiled and said ‘I know baby’!!!

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