On the Farm

On the Farm

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Applesauce and Apple Butter.....

So, I've included these two together because to get one, you must go through the other. In fact, I could even post the filling, sauce and butter in one. As in my earlier posts, you will do the same as when you make apple pie filling. It is up to you if you want to put sugar in the apples as they are cooking in the stockpot. I do just because I may make all three items with the stockpot of apples. Here's how I would suggest doing the sauce and butter....

Okay, cook your apples in the stockpot the same way you would in the earlier post to make pie filling. However, instead of cooking them in the stockpot for 1/2 hour, I normally will let them cook for at the lest 1 hour. This will help the apples cook down and will make the sauce easier to make. Now once you have cooked the apples and they want to fall apart easily, carefully pour them in a strainer to drain. Now, for the next part you can use a food mill to crank the apples through to make sauce, however, I would suggest an easier route.....USE A HAND HELD POTATO MASHER. Mash those suckers on up!! It's the quickest and easiest way to do it. Tastes the sace and see if it needs 1/2 cup or so of sugar.

You have the option of canning the sauce in the two ways described in the apple filling post. Either boil the jars closed with the tops and lids to seal, or just turn them upside down to cool on the towel....upside down only works if the applesauce is hot.


Take the apples sauce, cool it, then fill your crockpot to about an inch from the top. For example, I have about a 5.5 qt crockpot, so I fill it....then add 2 CUPS OF SUGAR and about 2-3 tbs of cinnamon. So I'm using my crockpot and measurements as examples, so if you are using a larger crockpot or smaller, you will have to do the conversions. Let that cook on HIGH OR LOW for about 10 hours...I would suggest on HIGH FOR 10 HOURS.....this will cook down. Then stir in about 2 more quarts of Applesauce (pretty close to the top of your crockpot) then 2 more CUPS OF SUGAR. Let cook on HIGH OR LOW for another 4-6 hours.

Scrape the bottom of the crockpot every hour or two so that you don't have burn spots. Can in the same way as the applesauce or pie filling.

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