On the Farm

On the Farm

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waiting for SANTA!

I cannot believe it. I've been so busy with my 'bucket list' of projects that I want to get done before I start student teaching in the Spring, that I have completely forgotten to add my monthly posts of the Biscuit!!!! This goes to show all the men and WOMEN out there, that believe that us SAH Mommies out there sit on the couch all day, are very very VERY WRONG!

Well, okay, so I do know some women that do this, but definitely not me. Not only do I have several projects going on, but I've also decided to add some of my favorite recipes on my blog as well for my girlfriends!!!

Not to mention getting the house ready for the holidays, the 2 loads of laundry per day (for some reason), along with all the cleaning that goes with a house that has 3 floors....Oh yes, and how could I forgot....A TODDLER!

Noa's growing like crazy....well, mentally maybe, but she's still a midget I tell ya! Nana and Papa weighed her, at 17 1/2 months and she weighs 19.8 lbs! There will not be any standing in the back row for group class pics for this little girl in the future, this we are now convinced of!!!

So, there's been alot going on in the past couple of months, including one trip to the zoo. Noa loved it!!! It was a beautiful day!!! Every single animal she watched at the zoo, she watched as if it was her last animal she would ever see....it was adorable. But with that was a short meltdown while so was being drug away, only to stop shortly after when the next animal was spotted at the next exhibit, followed of course be another scream when leaving, and so on. We knew she loved animals, but we never realized how much! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN WATCHING HER SO INTERESTED!

And yet another reason that I know she loves animals....before we left I bought her a monkey harness....that's right, I said a MONKEY HARNESS for kids! Listen, when you drive 3 hours to the zoo, the last thing you want is to make your toddler ride in a stroller all day, and did I mention TODDLER....it's not like she would just walk gracefully next to you all day!

Well, of course this bites me right in the face. It's not 30 seconds after we get there that I put the harness on her and try to get her to walk with me.....which ends in her falling face first on the concrete (you'll see the mark on the pics!). This ended in my husband cussing and me learning a quick lesson that harness are to keep kids from running away from you, not meant to lead your kids! OOPS!

So, I decided to take the harness off, which she then refused to take off the monkey backpack that came with the harness. So the Biscuit spend all day walking around this this monkey backpack on.....ADORABLE!!!!!

We didn't have enough time for the Science Center. But I'm really hoping the hubs will take us this winter before Spring! If not, we'll plan it in our next zoo trip!


So, when we got home that night, I threw in Madagasgar so Noa could see all the animals that she had seen that day. SHE WON'T STOP WATCHING IT....She runs around the house saying, "Zebra, ZEBRA!!"....I'm telling ya, this girl LOVES ANIMALS!

She has a big book of animals, she can name them all! One page has about 13 different kinds of birds and she knows each of them....it's amazing what they pick up on at this age!

So....OCTOBER Past! Oh, Noa was a skunk for Halloween. She was adorable. And got lots of candy! She had so much fun! She even ended the night visiting her buddies Kase and Kesli (she loves Kes!).

Okay, so November. Not much going on, it's getting cold, Noa keeps learning and growing, and we are getting ready for the Holidays! We of course put the tree up 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. I love this time of year. I love spending it with family!

Oh, by the way, I make a homemade pumpkin pie out of real pumpkins....AMAZING! Check out the recipe on the blog in DECEMBER.

So, now it's December and there's already presents under the tree. I thought I was excited for Noa's FIRST CHRISTMAS....But I'm ten times more excited about NOA'S SECOND CHRISTMAS!!!! I just cannot wait until that morning to watch her open her presents!!!!! I've got to tell you all, being a Mother is the greatest gift that I've ever been given!!!! It really makes a woman who she is because of all the wonderful feelings that go along with all the love!!! And it also gives you soo much more respect for my own Mother! How I am happy to report is feeling great and recovering well!!! God has definitely blessed us this year with good news in regards to her health!! I'll tell ya, for those who do not believe in God, I'd love to show them all the miracles he has given us in the last few years!!!

Okay, and speaking of great things!!!....I GOT MY CAMERA! Yes, it's an early Christmas Present! I'm soooo happy!!!!!...as if I wasn't before. Okay, I'm a bit more happier! I'm so excited to capture Christmas and other great events with my camera!!

Now, we are deep into December...it's cold and we spend most of our time inside because MOMMA HATES THE COLD! Christmas lights and decorations are allover the house!!!!

So, next up, CHRISTMAS!

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